Just so we’re clear, I’m talking about boys that are friends with boys, not boyfriends.  Also, these “boys” I’m talking about men as well.  They are friendships between two males, not between males and females.  It was really interesting to find out that my friend in Mozambique experiences the same thing.

We were told during our training in Azerbaijan that Azerbaijani boys who are friends act strange to America eyes.

To say the least, these boys are very friendly towards each other.  They lean on each other, link arms, play with each others ears, kiss on the cheek, hold hands, take things out of each other’s eyes, wipe off any food left on the other’s face, etc.  I’ve seen all too many times guys being very affectionate towards each other, and it still, to this day makes me do a double take.  It’s so funny when you know the culture of how males are here.  They are supposed to be very “manly men”.  Azerbaijan really separates the male and female roles, so it’s always funny when men do things that in America would be considered to be a girly thing to do.

When reading about Mozambique boys behaving the same way, it really makes me wonder who are the “weird” ones.  Maybe it’s Americans who are weird.





2 thoughts on “CULTURE OF AZERBAIJAN #3

  1. The Peace Corps has opened your eyes. Now your eyes are opening your mind. Funny to watch you rationalize what we (in the USA) are unaccustomed.

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